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Would you join us in 2017 for an unprecedented year of ministry? Through the power and the direction of His Holy Spirit, would you help us pursue our nation as never before for His Kingdom?

Psalm 66:5 says, “Come and see what God has done, His awesome deeds for mankind!”

Psalm 66 is a worship psalm. God demands that His people overflow with gratefulness, and so He offers us help in our worship. One can imagine God’s people approaching the temple and offering various sacrifices to express praise and thanks for His actions. As they worship, they are to do two things:

1. REMEMBER, the mighty deeds God has done for his people in the past.

2. MAKE IT PERSONAL, remember what God has done for your own soul and how he has answered your personal prayers.

The invitation to “Come and See” is active and compels us as God’s people to remember and respond. We call on all of our faithful partners to join us in extraordinary ways for an extraordinary God, and to partner to make 2017 unprecedented in its spiritual impact upon our nation.

Our faith goal by December 31 is to realize gifts of $500,000. We’ve never aimed this high, but we’ve also never had such a compelling sense of urgency and opportunity.

Could I, along with our leadership team, ask for your gracious and generous support? We commit to you and to our Lord to do our utmost to pursue our nation for His Kingdom through the Holy Spirit’s power and direction.