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Why Jesus Was Raised

Why Jesus Was Raised

In part two of An Easter Series, Dr. John Neufeld looks into the second fundamental question of the Easter season: Why was Jesus raised from the dead? The story of the resurrection is necessary. The empty tomb of Jesus teaches us that the sting of death has ended. Jesus’ body begins to breathe, he stands, the door of the tomb is rolled aside, he steps out and forever changes the hope of everyone who believed that there was a God who would have mercy on us. This day is a day of celebration. He is risen, and in the risen Christ we find our hope!

Dr. John Neufeld

Dr. Neufeld joined Back to the Bible Canada after 30 years of serving in pastoral ministry, both as church planter and senior pastor. Known both nationally and internationally for his expositional Bible teaching, Dr. Neufeld led one of the largest churches in Canada as senior pastor for 15 years.

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