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The Creator’s Plan

The Creator’s Plan

Have you ever wondered how men and women from different nations of the earth have welcomed Jesus as their saviour? Watch the new 7-week video series studying the central mission of the church – The Great Commission. We’ll explore questions like “Why is it that God can allow so much suffering in the world? And, why has God commanded us to make disciples? There are so many challenging questions, and though they may make us feel uncomfortable at times, they require bible-focused responses.

Why is it that whenever discussions about missions begin, they are centred around us rather than God? Why did God make a world where not everyone is saved in the first place? In this message, we explore how all creation and missions should have the same purpose: bringing glory to God.

Dr. John Neufeld

Dr. Neufeld joined Back to the Bible Canada after 30 years of serving in pastoral ministry, both as church planter and senior pastor. Known both nationally and internationally for his expositional Bible teaching, Dr. Neufeld led one of the largest churches in Canada as senior pastor for 15 years.

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