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Joseph: The Story of Reconciliation

Joseph: The Story of Reconciliation

To be one of God’s heroes, what superpower would you choose? Super strength? The ability to fly? Dr. John teaches on the life of Joseph as one of God’s heroes. We will see that Joseph had the power to forgive and be reconciled to those who hurt him. Only those who have never been hurt might try to belittle that power. Forgiveness and reconciliation is the grace of God to overcome bitterness, anger and vengeance in our lives. That is nothing short of super.

Dr. John Neufeld

Every blog he writes has an intention of challenging the reader to think biblically when confronted by timely issues of life, faith, and culture. Discover Dr. John’s perspective on a variety of issues addressing theology, Christian living, as well as issues and challenges of daily life. Each blog you read will provide insight and application for living a life that glorifies our God and speaks relevantly into the believer’s journey with Christ.

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