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Don’t Fear Death

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Don’t Fear Death

There is something about death that is different for Christians. Death is our invitation to be united with Jesus in all things. Join us this week for the final message in the series, Hope in Dark Times with Dr. John Neufeld. Over the past 5 weeks, Dr. Neufeld has led us through Bible passages that highlight faith, hope, and love- 3 things that will always remain, even in the darkest times. This week, we are reminded that when Jesus died on the cross, He suffered so we won’t have to. We have been given the greatest gift of all—eternal life with our Creator. We have a hope to cling to during this life. While there is much we could fear, we have every reason to be the most optimistic people on earth.

It’s important for your loved ones to hear this message of hope, please share and help us encourage your friends and family during this time.

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