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Confident Salvation

Confident Salvation

How do I overcome guilt from my past sins? What does it mean to be saved? How do I know I’m saved? Making the most of your Salvation and finding confidence in your salvation is essential for living a joy filled life in Christ, and yet this joy seems to elude far too many Christians. Join host Ben Lowell and Bible teacher Dr. John Neufeld as they discuss overcoming guilt, evidence and confidence in your salvation, and the importance of knowing all its benefits for the follower of Christ. This is the beginning of a 3-week Q & A series with conversations based on the questions provided by our listeners and viewers. In future weeks we’ll discuss issues that surround the challenges of the church in our present times, questions about Christian leadership, what makes an authentic leader, what do we learn from those who have fallen, and finally a variety of questions involving heaven and hell, the trinity and much more.

Dr. John Neufeld

Every blog he writes has an intention of challenging the reader to think biblically when confronted by timely issues of life, faith, and culture. Discover Dr. John’s perspective on a variety of issues addressing theology, Christian living, as well as issues and challenges of daily life. Each blog you read will provide insight and application for living a life that glorifies our God and speaks relevantly into the believer’s journey with Christ.

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