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Christmas is a time of mystery and questions. Every child wants to know when it will be and what they will receive. Many also may question where our traditions come from. Why a Christmas tree? Why on December 25th? It may be hard to explain the reason for our traditions, but the reason for Christmas has a clearer answer. Listen as Dr. John explains afresh God’s reason for Christmas.

Why Bethlehem?

Bethlehem has a long history in the Scriptures. The names of Racheal, Ruth and David are tied to this small town outside of Jerusalem. Of course, the central name associated with Bethlehem is higher than any other. Listen as Dr. John points to the importance of Bethlehem and why Jesus had to be born there. In learning about Bethlehem, we learn more about God.

Why Shepherds?

Shepherds were the first to hear of Jesus’ birth and the first to gather around the manger. Did the angles go to the shepherds first simply because they were available at night? Clearly there was a reason why Jesus’ Father chose shepherds as the first witnesses of God’s nativity. Today Dr. John explains the significance of the shepherd witness. There is more here than coincidence.

Why Magi?

Our understanding of the Christmas story has been shaped by children portraying Jesus’ birth in plays, dressed in their father’s bathrobe and wearing cardboard crowns. So, our imagination needs correction from the Scriptures. Today Dr. John speaks of the Magi, often spoken of as the Three Wise Men. Beyond having some of our misconceptions clarified, we learn that the reach of God is global and there is a hunger in our world for God’s salvation.

Why a Manger?

Do not watch this video unless you are willing to have your Sunday School Nativity pageant shook up! We are used to seeing shepherds in dad’s bath robe, angels with cardboard wings and wise men holding mom’s jewelry box. Dr. John works through the stereotypical handling of Jesus’ birth and explains the details of a swaddling cloth, a manger and the hard-hearted inn keeper. We find that the reality of Jesus’ birth is more wondrous than we imagined.

Why a Saviour?

We can spend so much time focusing on Jesus’ Bethlehem arrival, we forget to ask, “Why did He come?” Most people approach Christmas as a “time for children,” a celebration of generosity, a season of charity or family get togethers. These are accepted expectations of Christmas. Still, if we want to understand the “Why?” of Christmas, it’s best to ask the One who was sent. As Dr. John teaches on the purpose of Jesus’ birth, we find that Christmas is not less, but more.


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