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Who is Jesus?

Why is the book of John so foundational to the Christian faith? It’s a critical book because it encourages us to do some self-examination. It forces us to ask ourselves—do we really know what Jesus did during His time on earth? In the first message of the brand-new, 5-week series with Dr. John Neufeld, join in as we study the 1st chapter in the 4th book of the New Testament. Without understanding the Gospel of John, we will never truly understand the life of Jesus.

Light of the World

Odds are, most of us have heard the name Jesus over the course of our lives. While to some, Jesus was just another historical figure, to others, He is our Saviour. He is the One who came down to earth to save us from an eternity of darkness.

Why Do You Believe?

What does it mean to be a Christian, and how is following Jesus different from following any other religious leader? In week 2 of the series, Who is Jesus?, join Dr. John Neufeld as he breaks down the life of John the Baptist as a witness of Jesus…

The Word Became Flesh

What kind of man was Jesus? When we talk about Him, it’s clear that this man did things that no one else was ever able to do. Who raised the dead? Who drove out demons? Who healed the blind and the lame? Jesus did. In the 3rd message of the series, Who is Jesus?…

Making the Most of Your Life

Have you ever had someone tell you that you’ve got to make the most of your life? To be the best that you can be? We’ve all heard it at some point, but how do we actually do it? In the 4th message of the series, Who is Jesus?…

How Do You Follow Jesus?

If you’ve never had a relationship with Jesus, you might wonder: “What does a relationship with Jesus even mean?”, or “How do I get there?” Join Dr. John Neufeld as he goes through the final verses of John 1 in the 5th and final message of the series, Who is Jesus?, where we’ll discover the real Jesus and the possibility that anyone can encounter Him and be transformed for life.


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