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What does it mean to be a New Nation, a people of God, the church of Jesus Christ? In this series, we will go through Ephesians chapter 4 verse by verse as we examine what it means to be a new civilization and a new people changed through the gospel; a New Nation under God.

Maintaining Unity

Ephesians 4 is a practical guide in how the people of God should live. In this message, focused on verses 1-6, we begin to discover the qualities and characteristics of…

Christ’s Gifts to His Church

How has the Holy Spirit gifted you uniquely, and why? While the last message discussed the unity we have in Christ as His Body, in this message we explore the…

The Divine Wardrobe

You wouldn’t go to change the oil in your car wearing a tuxedo, would you? In the same way, we have been called to put on a new wardrobe of…

Responding to the Spirit

Do you have a theological black hole in your understanding of the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is a person, active in chasing us down and bringing us grace and…


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