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To the One Who Conquers

At times it seems as if the world as we know it is ending. But we don’t and can’t know when Jesus will return to earth. So, what do we do in the meantime? All there is left to do is continue serving Christ with our whole hearts and prepare ourselves for the day that He does come back to us.


The Future is His

Many people have been wondering: “Is COVID-19 a part of the end times?” Join Dr. John Neufeld for the first week in the 8-week series, To the One Who Conquers where together, we will study the book of Revelation and take a look at various plagues that have struck the human race, and recognize that…


All Authority is His

The book of Revelation is filled with different prophesies and promises. At times though, the last book in the Bible leaves many of us feeling confused or fearful of what is to come. But did you know that Revelation also encloses 7 blessings from our Creator? And furthermore, Revelation 1 reminds us of the undeniable…

To the One Who Conquers_3

The Church is His

Join Dr. John Neufeld for the 3rd week in the series, To the One Who Conquers – an 8-week study in the book of Revelation! In this message, Dr. Neufeld looks at some of the Early Churches around the Roman Empire. The life of an early Christian was not an easy one, and yet the…

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Eternity is His

In the 4th week of this 8-week series in the book of Revelation, Dr. John Neufeld challenges us to decide what we want to do with our lives. By looking at the 7 churches written about in Revelation, Dr. Neufeld asks the question, “What do you prioritize in this life?” We are promised that if…

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Every Kingdom is His

Did you know that it can be a blessing to go through uncertain times? Uncertainty helps us realize that we cannot find everlasting joy in this world. We are surrounded by sin and death, but that shouldn’t worry us- for our hope is in another place. Join Dr. John Neufeld as he continues on with…

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All Power is His

These days, a lot of people are asking the same questions: “Where is all of this heading?” and “Is there a purpose to these hard times?” All we know is that Jesus is in control. He is holding us in His hands during these uncertain days. Have you ever wondered what life and the world…

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Our Lives Are His

The book of Revelation is a remarkable one. It talks about the revelation, glory, and majesty of Jesus Christ. It tells us what will soon take place, which is the return of Christ, and the earth’s subjection to Him. In the 7th message of the series, To the One Who Conquers, join Dr. John Neufeld…

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We Are His

Join Dr. John Neufeld in the 8th and final week of the series, To the One Who Conquers, which has been studying the book of Revelation. In this final message, we will discover that the big picture of Revelation is the message that Jesus is coming back and taking an account of the whole world.…


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