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So many people come to regret the way they spent their time when they reach the end of it. How do we make the most our lives? What does the Bible say about using our days wisely? In this new series, Dr. John unpacks Ephesians 5:15-16, which calls us to be wise by making the best use of our time.

The Time of Your Life

Time is scarce, which means it is precious. In this message Dr. John introduces this new video series “The Time of Your Life” by meditating on life, time, and the…

Be Careful How You Walk

In this message, Dr. John Neufeld dives deeper into Paul’s warning to look diligently at how we use our time, and what he means when he says “the days are evil”. The life of Christ has transformed all who are in Him so that we can use our time to the glory of God. Not dissatisfied with the endless slipping of time, but walking in light and thankfulness unto eternity.

Wisdom and the Use of Your Time

What is wisdom? What does it mean to use our time wisely? In this third message in Dr. John’s video series “The Time of Your Life”, he teaches on the…

The Christian Pilgrim

Do you see yourself as a settler or pilgrim in this world? Continuing this series on time, Dr. John discusses the concept of a pilgrim as the proper way to…

Why a Pilgrimage?

Life is short, but eternity is long. In this final sermon in our video series called “The Time of Your Life”, Dr. Neufeld continues teaching on what it means Biblically…


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