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Have ever wondered how men and women from different nations of the earth have welcomed Jesus as their saviour? Watch this 7-week video series studying the central mission of the church – The Great Commission. We’ll explore questions like “Why is it that God can allow so much suffering in the world?” And, “why has God commanded us to make disciples?” There are so many challenging questions, and though they may make us feel uncomfortable at times, they require bible-focused responses.

The Creator’s Plan

Why is it that whenever discussions about missions begin, they are centred around us rather than God? Why did God make a world where not everyone is saved in the first place? In this message, we explore how all creation and missions should have the same purpose: bringing glory to God.

God’s Global Agenda

What does Israel in the first testament have to do with the church of today? Let’s examine the model God sets up with Israel to bless the nations around them. How does this apply to us now? What is the book of Jonah trying to teach? How will we bless those around us?

Jesus and the Gentiles

What does Jesus being Jewish have to do with Christianity today? Why does the Old Testament matter, and what does that have to do with how Jesus serves the Gentiles? In this message, Dr. John explains how Jesus models for us how the law is fulfilled through Him.

One New Man

In Christ, all divisions between people are ended. How does the blood of Jesus not only heal us of our sin but also our divisions? What does that mean for us today? What does it mean that Jesus is the beginning of a new humanity? Dr. John addresses these questions and reveals how Jesus sought to break down barriers to the throne of God.

What is the Gospel?

Before we embark on missions to spread the Gospel, it is important that we first understand what the Gospel is. Is the Gospel a list of moral principles we are to follow? Are missions only to provide for the physical needs of people? Dr. John addresses these misconceptions and explains why the Gospel is the greatest news of all.

The Missionary Enterprise

Missions work is often fraught with danger, though not from the places we might expect. Dr. John recites Jesus’ words in Matthew 16:18​​ and explains how that verse holds the key difference between the early church and the church of today.

Of Those Who Have Never Heard

In this message, Dr. John addresses a common point of debate and argument within the North American church: What happens to those who have never heard the Gospel? He also expresses how we should debate less and be compelled to go more.


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