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What does it mean to be a Christian? What is the message of the Gospel? What is the heart of the Christian message? Sometimes people stumble and have no idea whatsoever, but the book of Romans can clear the fog. When you strip everything back, culture, politics, entertainment, no book better describes what it means to be a follower of Christ. The book of Romans is a discovery of the heart of the Christian message, the Good News, the Gospel. It is Christianity 101. Four chapters that lay bare the very foundation of our faith.

The Heart of the Gospel

This message allows us to understand the very base purpose and content that makes up the of the book of Romans. The first section, described as, The Heart of the Gospel, chapters 1 – 4 provides for us the very fundamental truths of the Gospel. Dr. Neufeld suggests, “This is the kernel. This is the nub. This is the central point of what it is that makes a person a Christian.” This message introduces a study of chapters 1 – 4, critical to the walk of faith of every follower of Christ.

The Darkness of Sin

The message of Romans 1 is a message of presenting our need for the Gospel. In this message, Dr. Neufeld presents a verse by verse understanding of this chapter. A…

We Need a Saviour

Romans 2 invites us to take an uncomfortable look at ourselves, a contrast between the external and the internal condition of our lives. We are often quick to look at…

The Remedy for Sin

Romans chapter 3 is one of the central chapters of the entire Bible. In chapters 1 and 2, Paul has made the case that sin is a universal condition of…

Faith Alone

Faith. What is it? What is your salvation based on? Is it a result of what you have done, accomplished or earned? Because you’re basically a good person or observed…


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