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Proverbs: Skillful Living

In the quest to obtain wisdom, we all need God’s guidance. In this 5-message series, Dr. John Neufeld covers important themes in the book of Proverbs to help us discover what it means to find true wisdom and live skillfully.

Skill in Living

The book of Proverbs, which is a book about wisdom, does not begin with abstract theories of what constitutes wisdom. Wisdom is rather straightforward. Wisdom is a skill in living…

Building Your Life From the Inside Out

What sets apart the book of Proverbs from a self-help book you’d buy from the bookstore is that Jesus changes us from the inside out, rather than the outside in.…

Counting on God

This week, Dr. John speaks about God’s promises to us from Proverbs chapter 3. Although we may worry, God’s promises never break or falter. This message explores why God’s word…

Winning the War Against Sexual Sin

In this message, Dr. John takes us on a case study of Proverbs chapter 7. In this case, we find out that wisdom is a means of avoiding sexual immorality.

7 Reasons to be Wise

Wisdom is more than being an oxford graduate, in fact, often it has very little to do with education. In this message, Dr. John walks us through 7 reasons to…


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