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Journey to the Cross: In this two-week series, Dr. John will examine the Passion Week of Jesus. Drawing from the four gospels, these messages will walk through the final days of Jesus’ earthly life. As you listen you will journey with Jesus from Palm Sunday through the events of His arrest, trial and crucifixion. We will arrive at the empty tomb with hearts filled with gratitude and praise.

Palm Sunday: Beginning in Triumph

Last things matter. Final words and final deeds. The last week of Jesus’ earthly life is filled with eternal purpose. The Gospels focus on these seven days with forty percent of their pages. In others words, this week matters. In this series of messages, Dr. John will walk us through Jesus’ last earthly week. Come journey day by day with Jesus. We will arrive at an empty tomb with hearts filled with gratitude and praise.

Monday: A New Heart

In today’s message, Dr. John walks us through the Monday of Passion week. Dr. John explains the connection between a fig tree, the temple cleansing and devout Gentiles who sought Jesus. We will learn how these seemingly distinct occurances are all tied together by the intent and plan of God. Jesus is shaping new hearts among His poeple.

Tuesday: A Commitment to Truth

We’ve all seen the situation. Journalists surround a person of interst and fire questions. The questions are not about insight or information, but are meant to trap or expose the individual. Next time you see it remember Passion Week Tuesday. Today Dr. John teaches on the day of questions and controversies. Jesus was surrounded and hounded by religious leaders trying to trap Him with their questions. They could not withstand His wisdom and they became exposed themselves.

Tuesday Night: Ending in Triumph

Tuesday in the Passion Week had been a long day. There were debates and pressure from religious leaders. You would think that the last thing the disciples needed at the end of the day was a history lesson. But that is what Jesus does.

Thursday: The Necessity of the Cross

There are certain evenings that you cannot forget. They may be family celebrations or even a time of crisis. The disciples would never forget Thursday evening of Passion Week. Neither can we. We are commanded to remember that evening with the bread and the cup. Listen as Dr. John walks us through the Last Supper and the redemptive promise of our Lord.

Thursday Evening: Gethsemane

Martin Luther said, “Never has any man feared death more than Jesus.” The quote sounds wrong to us; we don’t think of Jesus fearing death. In today’s message Dr. John will explain the experience of Gethsemane and the “cup” Jesus was to drink. What was in the cup?

Thursday Night: The Trial of Jesus

Certain trials captivate the public imagination. Even though the public has no connection to the events, they still watch the drama. Today Dr. John walks us through the six trials of Jesus Christ. There is no more famous trial on earth. Countless numbers have read it. What we need to remember is that all who read or hear of Jesus’ trial are not uninvolved. This is not just history but the story of everyone who has taken breath. It was for our sin that Jesus was accused and condemned.

Friday: The Cross

If churches were to have an electric chair on their steeples or people wore a hangman’s noose as jewellery, we would think it repulsive. Why would anyone highlight an instrument of death? But that is exaclty what Christianity does. In today’s message, Dr. John will walk us through the details of Calvary. He will do more than inform about an ancient means of execution – he will remind us of why we embrace the cross.

Sunday: Ending in Triumph

For many, Sunday is a day off work, time for family, an opportunity to relax or catch up on home projects. But Sunday is a day of Resurrection! It is a day that changed everything. It is a day that death died. Listen as Dr. John teaches on the events of the first Resurrection morning. as you listen remember – another resurrection is coming!


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