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We present faith in Jesus as making our lives better, and of course that is true. We are forgiven, restored, and set on a path of eternal blessedness. But the whole picture must include the fact that in some ways, life gets harder. There is a discipleship cross to bear. Some who are new to faith may be tempted to turn aside. In this 5-message series on Hebrews, Dr. John echoes the book’s theme, “Don’t turn back!” If ever you’ve wondered if life would be easier without Jesus or been tempted to lay aside faith, spend time with these messages. Jesus is the better way to live.

The Priceless Treasure

For many in the early days of the Church, coming to Jesus created significant challenges – especially for Jews. Having left their religious heritage for Christ, they would face hostility from family, society, and the synagogue. It may have been tempting to go back to the Judaic traditions and avoid the hardships. Today Dr. John introduces the book of Hebrews and the caution to not abandon Jesus. As Dr. John discusses the unknown author of this book, we find that regardless, it is written for us, for our day and our dangers.

No Rivals

If you walk down the cereal aisle in the supermarket, you may get dizzy with all the choices! Our society loves to present multiple options for shopping, entertainment, leisure activities, career paths – in virtually every aspect of life! Does that apply to spiritual matters as well? Is Jesus simply one among many options? As Dr. John continues his study of Hebrews, he begins by pointing to the supremacy of Jesus. Jesus has no competition, no worthy rivals, no threats to His glory. He is the only option for redemption. God has spoken through His Son!


Every generation has had its rebels, but our current culture seems to revel in defying authority. We debate medical expertise, question political mandates and protest company decisions. We do not trust authorities and have replaced them with our own wishes and voices. Is our faith also victim to our suspicions? Today Dr. John teaches from Hebrews 1:4-9, that there is an authority that we must not only trust, but surrender to. Jesus is granted a position and name that rises above all others.

The King Who Reigns

Some Christians focus on the deity of Jesus as an apologetic to false faiths or skeptical minds. But the fact that Jesus is fully God does more than win arguments. Hebrews presents the unquestioned deity of Jesus as foundation for our worship and faith. We are to bow the knee to Jesus and trust in Him through difficult times. Dr. John demonstrates that the truth of His deity is meant to saturate our hearts into praise and confidence.


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