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An Easter Series - Back to the Bible Canada

Enjoy a two-part Easter video special featuring the teaching of Dr. John Neufeld along with inspirational music from guests Brian Doerksen and Stephanie Reddicopp! While we may not be able to enjoy the same Easter activities we have in previous years, we can continue to celebrate the promises and truths that rise from the empty tomb. Jesus is always with us. Sign up below to get notified when episodes of An Easter Series become available!

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An Easter Series March 29, 2021

It may seem obvious to many but it’s a question that must be asked and must be understood. Why did Jesus have to die? In part one of An Easter…

An Easter Series March 29, 2021

In part two of An Easter Series, Dr. John Neufeld looks into the second fundamental question of the Easter season: Why was Jesus raised from the dead? The story of…