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Following Jesus on a Hard Path

By Deb Lowell | August 1, 2023

It was 10 days before my 10th birthday that I came to faith in Jesus. Providentially, my faith journey began right around the same time the stomach aches started. My…

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The Cross of Becoming

The word “discipleship” carries layers of meaning, but two are dominant. A disciple of Jesus is a learner and a follower. Both understandings are essential, and neither can stand alone.…


Prayer in the Face of Silence

“My soul is also in great anguish. But You, Yahweh – how long?”   Ps.6:3,  WEB Prayer is hard. While it is within the grasp of a child, it will still…


Faith and the Christian Disciple

Faith, when it is a noun, is about the content of what we believe.  Faith, when it is a verb, is about confident trust in Christ.  Together, these two aspects…


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