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Episode 110: Social Media to the Glory of God

Like most things in life, social media can be used really badly or really well. If you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. to gain approval and acceptance, or to proudly show-off your seemingly perfect life, then it’s probably not helping you or those around you. But, however, if you use social media to equip and…

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Episode 091: What Movies Should I Watch?

There are very few people that don’t enjoy watching movies/TV shows. It’s become such a normal and regular part of our lives. Throwing up Netflix on a Tuesday evening before you go to bed is just normal. Binge watching TV shows on a Saturday morning is normal. Now, because watching movies/TV shows has become so normal…

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Episode 042: Faith, Film & Media Gratiae

Faith, Film and Media Gratiae: This week on the podcast we chat with founder and director of Media Gratiae, Matthew Robinson. He shares the story behind their multi-media ministry and the heart behind it all. Is art done for art’s sake? Matthew has a different approach. The post Episode 042: Faith, Film & Media Gratiae…

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Episode 014: Media.Faith.Culture

Christ and Culture: Media, faith, and culture. Three words every Christian must understand and examine. Author and speaker Brett Ullman talks with us about engaging culture’s different worldviews when it comes to the media today. As a Christian, we must respond to media in our culture from a biblical worldview. The post Episode 014: Media.Faith.Culture…

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