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Hell and the Goodness of God

I also believe in hell because the very nature of God, His supremacy over all things is the very definition of good and evil and that it is an infinite evil to turn ones back against God. But I have noticed that my salvation means so much more to me when I discover what it is I have been redeemed from.


Hell and Christian Motivation

What role does the doctrine of hell play in Christian motivation? If one preaches on hell does it lead to a great many converts? Jonathan Edwards’ famous sermon did not lead to converts at least as far as we know.


The Doctrine of Hell and God’s Wrath

In my experience, hell is one of the great neglected doctrines in our world today. Furthermore, those doctrines which are neglected in one generation are greatly misunderstood as time goes by, and then by the time it gets to the next generation, it is disbelieved.


A Description of Hell

At the very least hell is compared to a prison house that includes chains. It is intensely dark and is gloomy. Should we think of this as a literal description or is Peter using images that his readers can relate to. My answer is I don’t know but it is a very depressing picture.


Hell and the Nature of God

In this one-week series, Dr. Neufeld unpacks the often difficult and uncomfortable doctrine of Hell. This study will discuss the biblical description of hell, how we can reconcile hell with the God of the Bible, and how it’s important for Christians to reflect on the seriousness of hell.


Thinking the Unthinkable

My first reason for teaching on hell is because an entire generation that has gone to church has never heard a sermon on it and therefore an essential aspect of the Christian faith is disappearing and therefore our faith is also eroding.



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