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His Story and Ours

The story of Jesus’ birth is the pivot of God’s larger story. The Bethlehem story is not God’s full story. To understand the fuller narrative of God, we need to consider the complete Scriptural text. In this message, Dr. John reminds us that the story from God begins in Genesis, is reflected in Israel’s history and heard through prophetic promises of the Messiah. All of these threads are woven together at Christmas. Most of all, we see that our smaller individual stories are repaired, restored, and resolved in the great story of God.


O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Christmas cards tend to be idealic portrayals of peace and joy. But Jesus did not come to a Christmas card – He came to our world of shadows and danger. He came to a world where evil kings kill innocent infants. In this message, Dr. John demonstrates that God came to the real world – one where tears are shed. We are reminded that wickedness is real, pain is a human experience, but comfort and hope are the gifts of God. Light has shone in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it.


The Weary World Rejoices

The name “George” means farmer. “Sophia” means wisdom. Now, George may not grow up to till the land and Sophia may not exude wisdom. But Isaiah promises that the child to be born will fulfill the expectations of His name. Dr. John walks us through the promises of the Son who would be given. He will be wonderful, counsellor, the mighty God, everlasting Father and the prince of peace. Listen as Dr. John opens our understanding of the Names of Jesus and what they mean for us today.


Born to Rule in Us Forever

Faith is hard. Believing and trusting God consistently challenges us all. Those in faith may still have times of doubt. Those with no faith can’t see a reason to believe. In today’s message, Dr. John uses the example of King Ahaz and the sign promised by God as demonstration of God’s grace to help our faith. “The virgin will conceive and bear a Son, and he shall be called Emmanuel.” While King Ahaz refused the sign, Christmas proclaims to all today that our Saviour has come.


Born a Child and Yet a King

Many have their DNA tested to determine their heritage. They are interested to discover where they come from and connect the dots of ancestors. When Matthew begins his gospel with Jesus as the “Son of David”, it is not just for curiosity’s sake. It is a declaration of Kingship. In this message, Dr. John traces Jesus through the lineage of David to the promises of God. Jesus is the King whose reign is an unceasing exercise of righteousness and peace. His rule will bless the whole Earth. And it begins in Bethlehem.


Born to Save His People

Jesus said that the whole Old Testament spoke of Him. Jesus is in the pages and promises from Genesis to Malichi. So Christmas too is in the Old Testament, if even as a whisper. Today Dr. John looks at the Day of Atonement and points to the coming of our Saviour. There is an overlap of truth from Leviticus 16 and the Christmas account from John’s gospel. In both, we see the presence of God among us to bring redemption.


Born His People to Deliver

The central celebrations of Jews and Christians are similar. Passover and Christmas have much in common. They both are national and family observances. They both require a lot of preparation. They both are about God’s deliverance for His people. In this message, Dr. John traces the details of the Passover and the fulfillment of those details in the birth of Jesus. Jesus has come as the ultimate Lamb without spot, who will save His people from their sins. Christmas is more than a sentimental tale of a baby born. It is the declaration of our deliverance.


The Genesis of Christmas

To live with hope means trudging uphill against a strong headwind and over many obstacles. There is much in life that works against hope. In today’s message, Dr. John points to the hope of a Saviour found in Genesis 3:15. That promise is challenged again and again in the narrative of Genesis. The events of Genesis press against the hope of redemption. But with every twist, God repeats His promise. Nothing and no one could frustrate the promise of God. The hope of Christmas survived. The hope survives still.



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