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The Consummation of All Things

The Book of Revelation helps us do three things. It tells us how to live in the present hour. Secondly, it helps us to live with expectation that our Lord is indeed returning. And thirdly, in case we have missed it, it weaves together the grand narrative of the whole Bible and helps us say yes! That has been the grand story from front to back

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From the Cross to the World

The gospel writers present a powerful and compelling case that Jesus really is the Christ and the fulfillment of the covenants yet for all 4 of them, everything in the story, is leading to one central focal point. They are leading us to the cross and to the empty tomb.

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Jesus and the Coming of the Kingdom

The 2nd testament, as it were, lifts the veil and reveals to us the identity of the Christ, or the Messiah King. He is Jesus of Nazareth and what occurred in His life and ministry is the most breathtaking conclusion to a story that already fascinated us.

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The Giving of the Law

We turn now to the next stage in the story. The descendants of Abraham became an extended family of 72. But instead of inheriting the land that God promised, the plot line of the Bible takes an unexpected twist. Abraham’ s descendants become refugees fleeing a famine in the Promised Land and living in Egypt.

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Introduction to the Whole Bible

So many of us have reduced the Bible to a series of stories of various people from who we can learn some important life lessons however we have not seen the grand narrative, the whole picture which utterly transforms everything we have ever believed about the world. For the next 2 weeks I want to retell the story of the whole Bible.

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