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Defeating the Danger From Within

What is the greatest threat to the Gospel? It’s not the increasing hostility of western culture towards Biblical beliefs, the real danger is Christians twisting the Bible to be accepted by culture. What then do we do about this danger?


Promises While in Pain

In the midst of pain, persecution, and opposition, we have great reason to be thankful if we have put our hope in Christ. He has already been victorious, and we will be too. Join us for this encouragement today.


Effective Ministry

How are you doing in what Christ has called you to? From today’s passage of 2 Timothy, we discuss 4 commands for effectiveness in doing the work of God. If you want your ministry to be effective, listen to these words from Paul.


Of Faith and Failure

In today’s passage from 2 Timothy, Paul presents us with two paths in moments of persecution or testing: we can crack under the pressure and choose the easy way out, or we can rise to the occasion and do the Lord’s will in faith.


Courageous Enthusiasm

Has your service to Christ been growing in enthusiasm, or has it been waning? While awaiting his execution in a Roman dungeon, Paul can clearly see God at work and is even thankful! Let’s learn how we can have that same attitude.


Make it Count

What are you investing in? In this new series, Dr. John walks through the amazing Pauline letter 2 Timothy, Paul’s final correspondence before his execution. It’s the authoritative but intimate words of an Apostle to his dear friend on how to live faithfully to the end, and leave behind the eternal legacy of godliness – no matter the cost.



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