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The Good Fight

The Christian life is not easy, and Christian leadership is even harder. To persevere dispite the trials is a battle. We must know God’s purpose for us, cling to His Word, and imitate Paul, who kept the faith.


Called to Noble Purposes

Your King, God, and Master tells you that you have a noble purpose to play. Believe it. He wants you to be a useful vessel for Him, and you are able to do it with His help. Join us to discover this together today.


Episode 144: Truth & Tolerance

Truth & Tolerance - indoubt

As Christians we are told by Jesus to love our neighbours. Well, what happens if your neighbour doesn’t believe in God? On this week’s podcast, we speak with guest, Jonathan Morrow on the topics of truth & tolerance, discussing their meaning and how the Christian understanding of them differ from those in our culture.



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