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The Good Fight

The Christian life is not easy, and Christian leadership is even harder. To persevere dispite the trials is a battle. We must know God’s purpose for us, cling to His Word, and imitate Paul, who kept the faith.


Difficult Times in the Last Days

Do you love yourself, or do you love God? In today’s message, Dr. John teaches from the beginning of 2 Timothy 3, where Paul speaks of the great danger of the church age: our desires, loves, and affections.


Promises While in Pain

In the midst of pain, persecution, and opposition, we have great reason to be thankful if we have put our hope in Christ. He has already been victorious, and we will be too. Join us for this encouragement today.


Not Ashamed of Jesus

Not Ashamed of Jesus by Dr. John Neufeld

I had a remarkable experience the other day. I have been on the road for some time, preaching both in southern Ontario and in southern Manitoba. While in Manitoba, Martin…



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