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Your Salvation Story

What happens when someone is converted? Can a person lose their salvation after conversion? Is it possible to keep sinning after being genuinely saved? What is God’s role in our salvation, and how is it different from our own role? Dr. John answers these questions in Your Salvation Story, a one-week series on the nature and reality of experiencing true conversion.

Understanding Genuine Conversion

In this first message on recognizing our personal conversion, Dr. John speaks to a simple test. If our spiritual state is the result of our best intentions, efforts and abilities, then all we have is the best we can do. Conversion is a work of God. What He does is genuine and eternal.

What It Means to Be Born Again

If I go to the doctor or hospital, there are obvious markers the doctor looks for to evaluate the presence and quality of life. Pulse, blood pressure and respiration are some of the first signs of life. In today’s message, Dr. John offers us seven signs to look to for the presence and quality of spiritual life within us. It’s time to take our soul’s pulse.

What Must I Do to Be Saved?

Personal conversion is the work of God. It is His to do and only He can do it. But as it is personal conversion, it requires a personal response. Today Dr. John will teach that faith is our response to God’s work. Faith is believing, trusting and surrendering to the person and work of Jesus.

Faith and Repentance

We live in a day when many pulpits hesitate to talk about sin. Should we then be surprised that repentance is forgotten as well? In today’s message Dr. John teaches on genuine repentance as an essentail part of saving faith. We will find three qualities that accompany true repentance.

Living the Life of Faith

Too many think of faith like a driver’s license. They have passed the test and answered all the questions right – and now they head out to drive on their own. Today Dr. John reminds us that the way we entered this spiritual life is the way we must live it.


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