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Wisdom Matters

Is it better to be wealthy, good looking, successful, popular or wise? If any Christian isn’t sure of the answer, then Proverbs has something to say! In this 10-message series, Dr. John will point us to wisdom that shapes our living. Proverbs doesn’t guarantee us wealth or popularity, but it does promise the blessings of God.

Skill in Living

We often think of education as a means to make a living – a job, career. The wisdom of Solomon points in a different direction. God provides wisdom to make a life – a life blessed by God’s ways. In this study of Proverbs 1-9, Dr. John highlights the wisdom of God for the young and old. We will find that the wisdom which helps us make a life, will provide all the goodness of living.

The Value of Wisdom

We live in a world where the price tags have been switched. The values of God are reduced, and the values of this Earth are inflated. Given a choice between wealth and wisdom, many would choose money. Dr. John echoes Solomon’s teaching on the riches of wisdom. We are reminded that since we are not born wise, the first rule of wisdom is: get wisdom! No one who is willing to pay that price will lose.

The Wrong Path

The primary responsibility of educating our children does not lie with schools or churches, but with parents. Home is the classroom of life. Dr. John points to Proverbs as a pattern for parents. We are to pass on to our children wisdom for life. We may speak of the lessons we have garnered over decades, but the wisdom we relay is not our own, but God’s.

Don’t Change Course

We have laws against distracted driving. Clearly if someone’s eyes wander off the road, danger or death threatens. Dr. John speaks from Proverbs 4 about the risk of spiritual distraction. It is possible to wander off the right path by having our vision focused elsewhere. Our eyes are to be straight ahead, our ears open to wisdom, our lips echoing truth. Most of all, we are to guard our heart. From it, flow the issues of life. 

Forbidden Sex

Proverbs demonstrates that the content of wisdom must speak to sexual matters as well. Every parent who has “the talk” with their children, can’t simply speak of biology. There is a moral education needed as well. Dr. John highlights the cousel of Solomon to his son about sexuality. The power of human sexuality cannot be denied; it must be directed. God has wisdom that grants both life and healing.

Four Inferior Lifestyles

We make choices everyday – from the mundane to the life changing. In every decision, we need wisdom. As Dr. John speaks from Proverbs 6, he explains how practical wisdom can guide the choices we make about our debts, work habits, friendships, and especially our moral walk. Life is not a “flip of the coin.” We can choose pathways of blessing by the wisdom God gives.

The Evil Woman (or Man)

An old adage says, “If you think education is expensive, you should try ignorance!” There is a price to be paid for wisdom, but the price of foolishness is far greater. Dr. John calls us to resist the fallicy that sexual sin has no consequence. The price of failure scars our soul, and our family. The vision of temptation’s promise is dwarfed by the vision of God’s blessings.

Resisting Seduction

Sexual sin is never accidental. Failure does not spring out of nowhere. The seeds of temptation are sown in our heads and hearts. How can we ensure that those seeds do not become fruitful? Dr. John offers four insights from Proverbs 7 which enable us to stand against the tide of sexual temptation. Wisdom is not simply being aware of the dangers, but knowing how to resist.

Counsel to the Gullible

There are countless messages clamouring for your attention. Voices invite you to know, buy, do, attend, give, prevent or avoid. Dr. John reminds us that there is one Voice above them all. Wisdom wanders our streets looking for all who will listen. Why should we give wisdom primary place in our attention? Dr. John speaks of four reasons why each one of us should welcome wisdom into our lives.


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