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Under Pressure

Whether it is overt persecution or subtle pressures, Christians have always faced trials in this world, and our culture is no exception. The book of 1 Peter offers us encouragement by reminding us of our identity as chosen sojourners and commending us to continue to do good.

Instructions for God’s People

Do you know who you are? In this message Dr. John introduces a new series on the book of 1 Peter. Persecution of Christians was growing under Nero, so Peter reminds them of their identity as exiles called by the Triune God.

Revelling in Our Inheritance

Even in the midst of persecution, Christians are the most blessed people in the world because of the living hope of eternity that we have in Christ. Dr. John teaches on our salvation, glory to come, and praising God in suffering.

Concerning this Salvation

What is faith? In this message Dr. John discusses the assurance that believers have and the rich history of the Old Testament prophets writing of the suffering and salvation of the Messiah, fulfilled in Jesus.

Faith and Action

How do we live as Christians who are called in a world of such opposition? In this message Dr. John walks us through the 3 commands Peter gives: Keep putting your hope in Jesus, don’t be conformed to this world, and be holy.

Fearing God

In today’s passage Peter gives the motivation for holy living, including a holy fear of God and our eternal redemption. Dr. John explains what the fear of God really is and the difference between punishment and discipline from God.

The Call to Love

As we continue in our study of 1 Peter, Dr. John discusses the calling that all Christians have to earnestly and sincerely love our fellow believers. It’s the result of Christ’s work in our hearts, but we must take care to maintain it.

The Spiritual House

The great temples of the earth will all crumble and fade, but the Spiritual House of Christ will last forever. Like Christ, all who believe are eternally living stones that build this House together, as we sacrifice our very selves in love.

The True Christian Identity

In a world of such opposition, who are we as believers? Today Dr. John looks at Christian identity according to Peter. We were all saved from sin to be God’s people in the world and to act like it, fighting the flesh and doing good.

Christians and the State

How are Christians to respond to the government, even when it is opposed to us? What does our freedom in Christ really mean for how we act? Today we learn from 1 Peter what it means for us to honour, submit, and do good.


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