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The Word Became Flesh

In many homes, Christmas is a time of secrets. There are whispered plans, hidden boxes, and surprise guests. Christmas is a time for wonder. The Apostle John unwraps the mystery of Christmas in the first chapter of his gospel. He answers the questions of Christmas for us. “When did it start? Who is it about? What does it mean?” In this 10-message series, Dr. John Neufeld holds the truths of Christmas before us. We find as our questions are answered, our wonder increases!

Jesus and the Created Universe

Today I am beginning a 2 week series that deals with Christmas, the birth of Christ. John’s account if you have never heard it before is altogether stunning.

A Light Shining in the Darkness

The coming of Jesus Represents light in a battle with darkness and in the end the darkness is forced to retreat and the light ultimately triumphs.

Witnesses to the Light

Through the book of John we have numerous examples of witnesses, testimonials and evidence that is properly registered regarding the coming of Jesus.

Believing in the Light

Jesus is the true light that gives light to every man. Jesus is the only source of true light that anyone has. He is our only teacher. He is the only one who can take us to the Father.

The Word Became Flesh ( Part 1)

Today’s text is one of the great texts of the Bible. In a few short sentences, it captures both the essence of Christmas and the very heart of the good news of the Christian faith.

The Word Became Flesh – Part 2

John 1:14-18 is written to help us see that never has the human race seen more grandeur or splendor then when the Word of God was born in human flesh.

Knowing Who We Are

Who you are has little to do with who you think you are, but rather it has everything to do with God’s calling upon your life. It has everything to do with how God crafted and shaped you.

Overshadowed By Jesus

If you and I could ever get it into our heads that only Jesus deserves unquestioning loyalty, that we are not worthy to even untie His sandals, we are not worthy to even be mentioned next to Jesus and yet we have been invited to be called His brothers and sisters to be intimate with Him and to be His representative in this world we would learn to be content in following Him.

An Invitation to Meet Jesus

There comes a moment when Jesus actually confronts us. What is it that you want? And our answer will depend upon whether we spend time with him.


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