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The True Christian

There are forgery works of art hanging undetected in museums. They look authentic but are false. There can be false Christians in our congregations. It can be hard to discern the fake from the authentic. The book of Colossians is aimed at understanding the real Jesus and being real Jesus followers. This series of messages by Dr. John Neufeld will clarify our beliefs and fortify our living of the truth in Jesus Christ.

The True Christian

It is harder today to know what is real. Artificial intelligence allows for false voices, photos, or videos to masquerade as true. It’s getting difficult to discern the manufactured reality. Of course, this is not new. The Devil deals with lies and parades as an angel of light. Colossians is a book that compels us to examine the truth about Jesus and ourselves. Listen as Dr. John teaches us to not only recognize the truth, but to share it.

Always Thankful, Always Encouraging

Nothing on earth is perfect. We must wait for heaven to be all that we should be. But until then, we often focus only on what is wrong. Our attention to what needs change can blind us to all that is good. Dr. John reminds us of Paul’s first word to a church wavering on heresy – a prayer of gratitude. It’s a good example for church leaders, parents, employees, and citizens – be grateful and pray.

The Knowledge of His Will

When we think about knowing God’s will for our lives, we tend to consider the major decisions of marriage, career, moving or staying. Today Dr. John teaches that the will of God is broader than specific decisions. The will of God is something we live out daily. Listen to Paul’s prayer for the Colossians and the four requests he prays to help them understand the will of God for their life, and ours.

Christ: Supreme in Creation

The best way to understand Christianity is not a study of world religions, churches, or individual believers. To learn about Christianity, we must learn about Christ. We ought to begin with Jesus, because in Jesus, everything begins. Here Dr. John teaches on the supremacy of Jesus over all created things. Only when we understand Jesus does the rest of the world make sense.

Christ’s Supremacy in Salvation

Have you ever wondered what the early church sang? What were their songs of faith about? We find in the first chapter of Colossians an early hymn. The song is about Jesus, who He is and what He has done. It’s a song about creation and redemption. Listen as Dr. John walks us through the second verse of that hymn. It is a song of joy and peace we can echo today!


A small word can carry a big difference. When we hear the word “If,” we recognize that the family trip or house purchase may happen, or it may not. “If” suggests a conditional context. Listen as Dr. John teaches on the “if” Paul uses in relation to our salvation. The word is not meant to introduce doubt, but confidence and hope.

What Is Lacking in Christ’s Afflictions

The work of Jesus is fulfilled. His atonement for our sin is complete. So, what does Paul mean when he says that he fills up what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions? Listen as Dr. John sorts through our confusion. The finished work of Jesus is an on-going message that we carry to our world. For that, we suffer.

That No One May Delude You

Anyone can be tricked; but that can be easily reversed with better information. Not so with delusions. Delusions are rooted deep within us and create personal blind spots resistant to instruction. Dr. John points to the only remedy for delusions – a heart that is sensitive and growing upon the riches of Jesus Christ. Delusions are not cured just through better information – we need heart change.

Don’t Lose What You Have Gained

There have been instances where someone wins a very large sum of money through a lottery ticket, and then continues to buy more tickets! What could they possibly need, having been so enriched in the first place? Dr. John asks the same question about Christians. Having received an immeasurable, eternal treasure in Jesus through grace, some still seek more beyond Him. They are in danger of losing something precious – their gratitude and praise for what Jesus has given.


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