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The Triumph of the Lamb: Vol 2

Dr. Neufeld’s second volume on the book of Revelation looks at chapters 6-12, where we’ll learn that the end judgment and the establishment of God’s kingdom is an inescapable reality. These chapters will also help us to identify what is happening in our world today, and to make sense of it all

No More Delay

Until the coming of our Lord, God’s people must be taught this book so that they do not become weary. Until the coming of our Lord people who are lost and living in their sin must be warned.

Understanding the Plans of God

Confidence comes not with the expectation that things will be easy but with the expectation that they might be hard. But no matter how hard, God will sustain you.

God Preserves His People

Do you know that God is determined to preserve His people? One of the most beautiful truths that we can cherish is that God keeps His promises and a part of those promises include the preservation of the church.

The Two Witnesses

Revelation 11 ought to be so much more than trying to understand a difficult passage. The courage of the two witnesses and the grace of God that attends their lives ought to help us remember the faithful witness of countless believers who out of love , sought to bring the gospel to the world.

The Hope of the Resurrection

Now, with every resurrection there is the signal of hope. Death, war, murder, hatred. These things will not have the last word. God will have the last word.

The Seventh Trumpet

But before the end has come John has been given an assurance that not only will the church be victorious but that she will have completed the task of the great commission. With that,we are introduced to the blowing of the 7th trumpet.


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