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The Triumph of the Lamb: Vol 2

Dr. Neufeld’s second volume on the book of Revelation looks at chapters 6-12, where we’ll learn that the end judgment and the establishment of God’s kingdom is an inescapable reality. These chapters will also help us to identify what is happening in our world today, and to make sense of it all

The Ride of the Horsemen

The gospel is going forward and in many places life might even seem pleasant. But always at the corners of our worst fears, are the forces of destruction that threaten us

The Wrath of The Lamb

Just before the 7th seal, the Lamb of God takes his place on David’s ancient throne and rules forever.

God Protects His Own

Even though we may be called upon to suffer for Christ we will never be called upon to suffer at the hands of Christ. For there is no greater assurance than to bear His seal upon our lives and there is no greater peril than to go through life without it.

The Company of Overcomers

We are living in a society in which the elites of our society are now looking at the Christian faith with increasing disdain and even hatred. And we will have to decide. Which world do we want? Who shall be our people? The company of overcomers? Or the company of this world?

Hungering for Righteousness

Does it seem to you that God is not answering? He has never failed to hear prayer and He will answer every single prayer that has been prayed in righteousness.

When the Trumpets Sound

In our study today we come to the section in Revelation that describes 7 angels blowing 7 trumpets. This signals the beginning of judgment of God on the human race and the beginning of the great and terrible day of the Lord.

The Beginning of Woes

Don’t bank on the endless patience of God. God’s patience is supposed to sober you up leading you to repentance and not to
complacency. Bank on the world to come. Bank on the promises of God. Bank on what Christ has accomplished in his cross.

The Killing of Mankind

There is a day coming when the earth will be dramatically and frighteningly depopulated, in a very short period of time. This will not seem a blessing indeed it will come as a sign of judgment

Purpose and Destiny

Who are you child of God? You are the one for whom God created all things. You purchased by the blood of Christ according to the covenant that God has made with Abraham in accordance with the purposes for which God created the universe that all of this was so that you might be among the special people of God.


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