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The Resurrection

In this two-week series from Dr. John Neufeld we examine 1st Corinthians 15 that focuses on the resurrection of Jesus.

Of First Importance

Many of the doubts and fears that we allow to play in our own imaginations are due to the fact that we don’t review the gospel in our minds often enough.

Confidence in the Gospel

At the heart of the gospel is that Christ died for the sins of all who would believe in him. His death on the cross was for our sins.

The Believer’s Hope

Because Christ was raised bodily the gospel is true. The apostles were accurate and faithful witnesses. Our resurrection is connected with Christ’s resurrection and our sins are forgiven. And when any believer falls asleep in death they have hope.

Christ and Adam

Death was given to us because of Adam’s sin. I know there are people who have difficulty with this. They wonder why Adam’s sin is imputed or reckoned or added to their account. But in truth Adam is the federal head of the entire human race. And with his sin has come death to the entire human race.

Changed by Truth

What you think about and believe about concerning the future completely dominates how you live today. If eternity is not constantly before you, you will lose all sense of what the present actually means.

Wake up and Stop Sinning

The reality of our guilt before God and that millions face the prospect of standing before the judgment having to pay for their sins, without having a sin substitute, is lost on many of us.

Images of the Resurrection

If God in His infinite variety has made all manner of bodies able to fulfill the function that He has assigned to them why should we think it strange that He will create a body for us assigned for the function it is to play in eternity?

The Spiritual Body

Now if you are not careful you will think of a natural body as a physical body and a spiritual body as a non-physical body. But that is entirely the wrong idea. A spiritual body is a real body. But it rightfully belongs to the age to come, that is where it functions.

Victory over Death

When we receive our new bodies we will experience the greatest of all victories. Death will have been defeated.


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