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The Priceless Treasure of Jesus

Jesus once told a story about finding a treasure in a field and then selling everything you have to buy that field. The story applies to Christ. Jesus is the supreme treasure, worthy of our full sacrifice. That conviction can be tested in difficult times. The Book of Hebrews is written to those under societal pressure, who are tempted to turn from the truth to their old ways. Listen as Dr. John teaches from the first four chapters of Hebrews, pointing to the incomparable worth of Jesus. He is the ultimate treasure.

Jesus – Priceless

The book of Hebrews is unique in the New Testament. We can’t be certain of its author or audience; but we can relate to its theme. Listen as Dr. John describes the temptation to abandon the truth of God when pressured by society. Jesus is priceless. Any drift from Him turns us towards what is less.

He Has No Rivals

Today Dr. John speaks from the opening verses of Hebrews, demonstrating that Jesus has no rival. Jesus exceeds all other comparisons. We will hear of seven ways in which Jesus rises above all. There is both encouragement and comfort knowing that our God who speaks, has spoken fully and truthfully through His Son.

The Place of Angels

Our society makes much of angels. They populate our greeting cards, entertainment and even some prayers. Angels seem powerful and wondrous. That they are, but Jesus more. Today Dr. John offers from Hebrews five ways in which Jesus is superior to the angels. The Creator is greater than the creation.

Jesus, God and Saviour

At times, we speak of the deity of Jesus as a way to make a point. We bear witness to others that Jesus is God, so we point to the Scriptures. Dr. John reminds us today from Hebrews that the deity of Jesus is more than an apologetic. It is the hope and comfort for us all in the midst of trial and persecutions.

What Matters Most?

We live in a generation of data overload. We have so much information at our fingertips, that we ignore or neglect much of it. Dr. John reminds us today of the warning in Hebrews. We must pay attention to the Bible teaching about Jesus. We must not drift by disinterest or deception. We neglect the truth to our loss.

The Fear of Death

The world is not as it should be, but neither what it will be. We live with the reality of sin, pain and death. Dr. John points to the hope of Hebrews that Jesus has not only conquered death, but He will elevate His followers to reign in the world to come.

Jesus Our Brother

Families share common traits of appearance or personality. Today Dr. John teaches that as Jesus is called our “Brother”, we share a family trait with Him. What do you and I have in common with Jesus? Let this message offer an encouraging answer.

Jesus the Man

We may die differently, but we all die. It is inevitable for each one of us. That truth can generate fear for many. Dr. John points us to Jesus, who took upon Himself our humanity, even to the point of death. While Jesus has not excused us from death, He has removed the sting and fear of it.

The World Needs a Hero

It seems that we have more celebrities than we do heroes. Fame and popularity seem larger in society than purpose and deliverance. Dr. John reminds us today that Moses was seen as Israel’s hero – the law giver. But Jesus is the perfect lawkeeper and in doing so, He is more than famous. He is our hero.


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