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The Mysteries of the Cross

In this one-week series, Dr. Neufeld unpacks “the mysteries of the cross” to help us understand the full significance of Jesus’ atonement for our sins.

Why did Christ have to die?

At the center of the Christian faith is the cross of Jesus which from the very beginning the cross has been depicted as a sacrifice.

Jesus, Our Substitute

Only Jesus through the cross can remedy the sin issue in each of our lives. And He was and is the willing sacrifice on our account.

Satisfying the Wrath of God

If you argue that it is inconsistent that a loving God should be filled with wrath you are actually rejecting the God who is portrayed that way In every single book of the whole Bible.

The Victory Over Satan

The cross marks the decisive defeat of the demonic powers. When he announced that it is finished the power of Satan and his dark rulers were utterly broken.

Why Jesus Died?

Christ died for us means that our sins are paid for. The great cost of sin has been paid in the currancy of the blood of our precious savior. God’s justice has been satisfied in the cross.


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