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The Mysteries of Compassion

In this four week series, Dr. John focuses on Matthew 14-18 and highlights God’s compassion for human suffering and sin. Matthew shows Jesus extending mercy to hungry crowds, pleading parents and faulty followers. We will hear Jesus calling us to be compassionate to others, in forgiveness and service. The mystery of compassion is not about our need of it, but the wonder of God’s Heart and Hand towards us.

The Church Deals With Sin

The Mysteries of Compassion
People like to look down on people. Have you noticed that? Years ago there was a very funny half-hour program. It was called, “Corner Gas”, and it was set in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

Forgiveness for Offenders

The Mysteries of Compassion
This matter of forgiveness is very hard. And here, while I admit it is hard to do, I mean hard in another sense. Let me give two examples…


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