Everyone needs grace. Although humans were created in the image of God, we have all been tainted with sin. We are in need of compassion, and we have a Saviour who has poured out that compassion and grace to us in profound ways! The new series from Back to the Bible Canada’s Dr. John Neufeld, The Mysteries of Compassion, is one that brings great insight. What does true religion mean, and what does it even do? Is the Church really all that important? This 20-message series is one that will keep you on your toes

Forgiveness for Offenders

By | Feb 7, 2020|Message|
Matthew 18:21-35
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The Church Deals With Sin

By | Feb 6, 2020|Message|
Matthew 18:15-20
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Care for the Little Ones

By | Feb 5, 2020|Message|
Matthew 18:10-14
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Determining Greatness

By | Feb 4, 2020|Message|
Matthew 18:1-9
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Faithful to the Bible

By | Feb 3, 2020|Message|
Matthew 17:22-27
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Faith When You are Down from the Mountain

By | Jan 31, 2020|Message|
Matthew 17:9-20
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We All Need a Foretaste of Glory

By | Jan 30, 2020|Message|
Matthew 17:1-8
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Taking Up Our Cross and Following Jesus

By | Jan 29, 2020|Message|
Matthew 16:24-28
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The Keys of the Kingdom

By | Jan 28, 2020|Message|
Matthew 16:18-23
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Jesus and His Church

By | Jan 27, 2020|Message|
Matthew 16:13-18
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