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The Missionary God

Have you ever wondered how men and women from different nations of the earth have welcomed Jesus as their saviour? Listen to Dr. Neufeld’s 10-message audio series studying the central mission of the church – The Great Commission. We’ll explore questions like “why is it that God can allow so much suffering in the world?” And, “why has God commanded us to make disciples?” There are so many challenging questions, and though they may make us feel uncomfortable at times, they require Bible-focused responses.

The Creator’s Plan

We assume that human need is the centre for missionary activity. Since our need is so great and obvious, it must be the motive for missions. In today’s message, Dr. John points to a different motive – a higher one. The foundation and motive for missional activity is the glory of God. That doesn’t suggest that the human need is insignificant. It does mean that in whatever missionary enterprise we undertake, God is to be glorified in the message of the cross.

God’s Agenda With Israel

Cartography is an ancient discipline which traces the place and relationship of countries. Maps show us where countries are and how they are in relationship to one another. In today’s message, Dr. John quotes the Apostle Paul in Athens. We will note that God is the One who determines the boundaries of nations. The atlas is drawn by God and He does this so that all may seek Him. God has always had a global mission and heart. He will fill the earth with His glory and use Israel as His means.

God’s Global Agenda

A lighthouse can’t illuminate an entire coastline at once, but that doesn’t mean it serves no purpose. It provides both caution and direction to all who pass by. In today’s message, Dr. John speaks of God’s agenda for Israel as a beacon to the world. Throughout the Old Testament, Israel was a light to the Gentiles. God was reaching to the nations through His people. He still does. God’s people are to shine for the glory of God. That is our mission.

Jesus and the Gentiles

To say that Jesus was Jewish is more than a statement of ethnicity. He was Jewish by birth, language, culture and faith. Jesus believed and practiced the Torah. In today’s message, Dr. John demonstrates that Jesus did not abolish the Old Testament, but rather, He fulfilled it. He fulfilled it by extending grace to Gentiles. God has always had a heart for people to come to faith, regardless of who they are. He will fill the earth with His glory.

From Jerusalem to the World

Sometimes we play, “What if?” What if Winston Churchill wasn’t England’s Prime Minister in WW2? What if there was no COVID-19 pandemic? Obviously we recognize that God is in control, but we wonder what might have been. In today’s sermon Dr. John asks, “What if the Jerusalem Council turned out differently?” What would the spread of Christianity look like, if Gentiles were made to live like Jews? God by His grace and the Council by its wisdom, chose a different path – one that would open the world to the message of Jesus Christ to the glory of God.

One New Man

We hear much these days that we live in a polarized world. Identities shaped by culture, race, preference or gender become defining barriers. We see it daily, but it is not new. In this message Dr. John speaks from Ephesians that God is uniting all of us together in one new identity. We are one in Christ! What ever we are by gender, race, age or status, is no wall between us. Jesus is our Peace.

What Is the Gospel?

There are certain words that are jammed with a lot of meaning. The word “gospel” is like that. It carries the content of almost everything we are and do in Christianity. But as Dr. John makes clear in this message, there is a single simplicity about the gospel. There is a fundamental truth about why Jesus died. This is the gospel. Everything else is additive. Gospel people believe this truth and live it daily.

The Missionary Enterprise

Christians should not be surprised about where they live. We live in a world that is broken, fallen and dark. Christians should not be confused about our mission. We are not to simply survive but to storm the gates of hell in the Name of Jesus. In this message, Dr. John traces the missionary enterprise of the early church. They were not deceived nor defeated by the world. They knew Jesus is both true and victorious.

Of Those Who Have Never Heard

“What of those who have never heard?” It is a common question when discussing missions. In today’s message, Dr. John addresses the question by outlining what Paul believed in Romans. We will find that the question is not a cause for debate but a motive for evangelism. We will also note that God has infinite mercy through Jesus Christ.


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