In the 10-message series, The Invisible War, Dr. John Neufeld discusses this great, unseen spiritual war. Listen along as we learn about who inhabits this unseen realm, why it exists, and the warfare that is presently engaged there. There is an invisible war going on, and we must learn how to respond in the present hour.

The Final Defeat of Satan

By | Aug 16, 2019|Message|
Revelation 20:10
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Discernment of Spirits

By | Aug 15, 2019|Message|
Matthew 17:14-18
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The Security of the Believer

By | Aug 14, 2019|Message|
Luke 10:17-21
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Can Christians Be Demon Possessed?

By | Aug 13, 2019|Message|
Colossians 1:13
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Demon Possession

By | Aug 12, 2019|Message|
Mark 5:1-13
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The History of the Warfare

By | Aug 9, 2019|Message|
1 Peter 5:8
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Understanding Demons

By | Aug 8, 2019|Message|
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Understanding Angels – Part 2

By | Aug 7, 2019|Message|
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Understanding Angels – Part 1

By | Aug 6, 2019|Message|
Colossians 1:16
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The Invisible War

By | Aug 5, 2019|Message|
2 Kings 6:8-19
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