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The Invisible War

We live in a world with both physical and spiritual realities. The first is easily perceived. The other requires faith founded upon God’s Word. Scripture speaks of a spiritual battle, current and inescapable. In this 10-message series, Dr. John Neufeld teaches on this unseen war. Listen, and be prepared to stand in the victory of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The Invisible War

There is an unseen world, just as real as anything we can discern by our five senses. The Scriptures point to this world and the battle within. Light battles darkness. Angels wrestle with demons. We too are engaged and affected by this spiritual warfare. In this message, Dr. John will address a redacted world view which is blind to the supernatural realities around us. Listen and consider the unseen.

Understanding Angels – Part 1

Any discussion of the spirit world has to account for angels. In our culture, they are reduced to harmless chubby-cheeked cherubs which hang on Christmas trees. The Bible presents a different picture. In this second message, Dr. John focuses on the nature of angels. What are they and where do they come from? Set the childhood images aside and consider what powerful creatures God has made them to be.

Understanding Angels – Part 2

In this third message, Dr. John continues teaching about angels. Why does God employ angelic agents to do what could be done by a word from His mouth? Clearly angels are not necessary to God, but they have a role to play in creation. Listen as Dr. john explains six things that angels do for God and for us.

Understanding Demons

It is possible for us to become too enamoured by angels or absorbed by demons. We should be informed, but only to the limits of the Scriptures and not speculation. In this message, Dr. John teaches about demons and guides us through the Biblical instruction about the origin and state of demonic powers.

The History of the Warfare

In this message, Dr. John traces the history of spiritual warfare from Genesis to Revelation. He points to the cross of Jesus as the pivot of this battle. We are assured of victory by the death and resurrection of our Lord. The accuser of the saints has been cast out of Heaven and now patrols the Earth like a hungry lion. We exalt in the victory of the Lion of Judah. We live with eyes wide open for the lion of destruction.

Demon Possession

Demon possession is a topic of interest and discussion in our day. Not all of that discourse is accurate or helpful. In today’s message, Dr. John teaches what demon possession is and what it does. Once again we see that Jesus is Lord of creation and demons submit to His command.

Can Christians Be Demon Possessed?

We can make too much of the Devil. By doing so, we inflate Satan and can be wrapped in fear and worry. In this message Dr. John teaches that it is not possible for a believer to be possessed by Satan. We may be vulnerable to the Devil’s exploitation of our sins, but there is good news. Satan will run from those who surrender to God.

The Security of the Believer

We know that victory is assured by Jesus in the conflict between light and darkness – but the battle rages. We know that beleivers are not immune to the pains of this warfare. But what of our soul? Can a Christian be lost in spiritual battle? In this message Dr. John assures believers of their security in Christ. The grip of Christ upoon us is unbreakable. We may plunder the Devil’s realm, but he is powerless to raid the Kingdom of Light.

Discernment of Spirits

It was C.S. lewis who said that some see demons everywhere or some see them no where. The Devil is pleased with either conclusion. Dr. John reminds us that what is needed is a spirit of discernment. In this message he offers key insights into understanding the work and presence of light or darkness.


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