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The Impact of the Bible

Does the Bible still matter in our modern world? In this brief series, Dr. John Neufeld reflects on the relevance and impact of the Scriptures on humanity. After thousands of years, the Bible remains poignant and powerful for all times and places. God has a message for our world, and that’s why Back to the Bible Canada is committed to faithfully teaching Scripture every day.

The Bible and Culture

Great parts of our culture like human rights and modern science, come from a knowledge of the Christian Scriptures. Introducing this series, Dr. John argues that societies of Biblical knowledge are greatly advantaged over others.

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The Impact of the Bible on Family

The biblical family offers unconditional love, commitment, stability, and purpose, and it protects against being defined by employment, accomplishments, or the state. This idea, God’s idea, has transformed nations.

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The Awareness of One God

The worldview of the God of Abraham is unique, and yet the majority of the human race, in three prominent religions, believes in the One God of the Bible. Dr. John discusses the impact of the God of Abraham on our world.

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Man’s Search for Meaning

Make no mistake, your life has value and purpose. Inside each one of us is a restless search for meaning. The Bible offers us the only satisfactory answer for human purpose because it’s rooted in truth and leads to life.

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The Need to Be Forgiven and the Need to Forgive

Unlike our cancel culture, the Bible offers a means of forgiveness from the wrongs we’ve all done, by faith in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Forgiveness is desperately needed in our world and only found in the Bible.

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