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The Hope of the Ages

Christ, the Better Adam

Jesus came into a dark and ruined world and presented this world with something it had never seen since the fall of Adam. Light had come into the world. Jesus the hope of the world.

Christ, the Better Isaac

Two children of promise. One was Isaac, whose contributions in this world were small and yet he was the promise of a salvation that would come to the world.

Christ, the Better Joseph

Joseph would have loved to be out of the prison and restored to what he once had, but he was unable to have it. So, he chose to be faithful where God had put him.

Christ, the Better Moses

Jesus is the Son of God. He is, as John teaches us, eternally begotten from the Father. Jesus is the eternal God, come forth from the eternal God. He is light coming forth from light, sharing fully in the essence of the Father.

Christ, the Better Joshua

Jesus, like Moses, he leads his people out of the enslavement of sin and the judgement to come. But like Joshua, he leads his people into the promised rest.

Christ, the Better David

David was a mighty king. He brought liberation to the people of Israel however, he was unable to liberate them from the bondage of sin. Jesus the liberator has freed his people from the powers of spiritual darkness.

Christ, the Better Elijah

Elijah was a great prophet. So much so that John the Baptist was considered to appear in the power of Elijah. Despite John the Baptist’s comparison to Elijah, John the Baptist declared his unworthiness to untie Jesus’ sandals.

Christ, the Better Hezekiah

Hezekiah was committed to following the commands of God. He was also committed restoring the worship of the true God of Israel and protecting the people from invasions.

Christ, the Better Daniel

Jesus bore it alone. Deserted and forsaken. Like Daniel, only to a degree that Daniel would not have known possible. He stood forsaken by man and God, so much so, he would cry out “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me”.


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