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The Death and Resurrection of Jesus

In this series of messages Dr. John points us to the gospel of Matthew for the account of Jesus’ final days. We hear from an eyewitness, a martyr of Jesus. Matthew bears witness to the words, actions and significance of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Listen afresh to a story you already know- then we too are to bear witness. We are to be living martyrs, daily witnesses of the good news of Jesus Christ.

The Aftermath of the Resurrection

We live in a day when truth and lies can be hard to discern. Fake news and assertions without evidence run rampant in a society feeding off mass media. Dr. John points to the same issues from Matthew 28. Conspiracies, lies and bribes were used to spread mis-information about the resurrection. But like light over darkness, truth over lies, and life over death – Jesus prevails.

The Great Commission

If final words carry weight, then the Great Commission ought to resound in the heart and mind of every believer and every church. Dr. John preaches today on the final instruction Jesus gave to all of us. This command gives shape and direction for Christ followers, until He returns.


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