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The Death and Resurrection of Jesus

In this series of messages Dr. John points us to the gospel of Matthew for the account of Jesus’ final days. We hear from an eyewitness, a martyr of Jesus. Matthew bears witness to the words, actions and significance of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Listen afresh to a story you already know- then we too are to bear witness. We are to be living martyrs, daily witnesses of the good news of Jesus Christ.

Human and Divine Will

The crucifixion of Jesus was not an accident where details tumble out of control. The details and timing of God’s plan would be fulfilled. As Dr. John speaks of Matthews account fo the crucifixion, he notes that the enemies of Jesus had one plan – God had another. The interplay of divine and human will act like two hands. Even if the left doesn’t know what the right is doing – they both fulfill the single will of God.

The Question of Money

Thirty pieces of silver. It has become a cliché for treachery. In today’s message Dr. John will follow Matthew’s desciption of money as a expression of heart. Mary spends much to worship Jesus. Judas receives little for betraying Jesus. Our hearts are revealed in our money.

The Betrayer

We expect pain from those who are against us. That may not lessen the pain, but at least it is more understandable. That’s what we expect from enemies. We don’t expect pain from our friends. Today Dr. John speaks of betrayal – the deep wound which is inflicted by those close to us. There is nothing more confounding than being betrayed. Jesus understands.

The Lord’s Supper

Significant covenants have significant symbols. Wedding rings exchanged before God, are symbols of the marriage covenant. In today’s message Dr. John walks us through the events of the last supper.

Will I Fall Away?

We can trip over a curb or broken pavement in the sidewalk. We may fall but then rise to continue our journey. In today’s message Dr. John echos Jesus’ words to the disciples. “You all will fall.” They all protested but every one of them fell. Of the 12, eleven repented and rose to continue their journey of faith. We are foolish to think we can predict our response to a crisis of faith. We lean closely upon the grace of our Lord.

Watch and Pray

If you knew you were to die in a matter of hours, what would you do? Practical or relational matters might occupy your attention. For Jesus, His preparation was prayer. Listen as Dr. John teaches on the prayer of Gethsemane. We are taught by His example and cautioned by His words. We too need to pray, for our spirit may be willing but the flesh is weak.

The Scriptures Must Be Fulfilled

In Matthew’s account of the arrest of Jesus, it is clear that the disciples are surprised by the events and react to it. Not so Jesus. Dr. John demonstrates that Jesus was responding, not reacting. He knew that the Scriptures had to be fulfilled. The Word of God grants confidence and hope, even in the worst crisis.

The Trial and Condemnation of Jesus

We expect trials to be forums for justice. When the rules are followed, clear evidence given and unbiased judges oversee, we expect a fair result. In today’s message, Dr. John demonstrates that the trial of Jesus lacked all of these things. Justice would not come from this corrupt court. In history’s greatest irony, the innocent condemned would be the means of God’s justice for all.

Denying Jesus Before Men

Peter’s darkest moment is recorded for all to read. Untold numbers have heard the account of Peter’s denial. Today Dr. John walks us through the three denials of Peter. We note the ways that one lie can lead to another. While Peter’s weakness is exposed, we also note that this is not the end of the story.


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