Join Dr. John Neufeld in this 20-message series called The Crossroad. The cross of Jesus Christ is offensive. When it’s properly understood, the cross highlights human sin and shows us what God thinks of our sin. The book of John is full of insights surrounding the life of Jesus and His ability to save us, and the cross is right in the centre of it all! Without the cross, Jesus and His Gospel would look dramatically different. The Crossroad is a unique series, and the Gospel of John is an exciting book to study

Come and Drink

By | Sep 13, 2019|Message|
John 7:32-39
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Rejecting Jesus

By | Sep 12, 2019|Message|
John 7:25-31
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Why Jesus is Our Teacher

By | Sep 11, 2019|Message|
John 7:14-24
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Valuing the Praise of God

By | Sep 10, 2019|Message|
John 7:1-13
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Keeping Jesus From the Cross

By | Sep 9, 2019|Message|
John 7:1
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