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The Church

The global pandemic had impact in countless ways. One obvious consequence for the Church was the number of believers who got comfortable with privatized faith. They went to church in their living rooms and are content to stay even after the doors of churches are open again! So is going to church optional? Do we need to connect with a local congregation? In this two-week series, Dr. John teaches on the priority and functions of the Church. He will demonstrate why the Church remains God’s priority for His mission on earth.

God Has Always Had a People

Is going to church optional? Some suggest that they can grow in Jesus apart from a connection with the local church. In this mesaage, Dr. John teaches that God has always been gathering a people. In the Old and New Testament, God is gathering a family of faith. Dr. John points out that church is not an activity, but part of our identity as the Body of Christ.

One Church for One World

In today’s message, Dr. John teaches that since the Church is the Body of Christ, it is the visible representation of Jesus on earth. Therefore, the Church has a physical presence with a street address and a presence in heaven as well. Dr. John teaches on the invisible, universal Church which is one in Christ, holy through the Spirit, inclusive of all who have faith in Jesus and commissioned with purpose by the Father.

The Global and the Local Church

The local church is a divine institution, that is, God ordained it. But the local church is not a perfect institution. Local churches have many faults and weaknesses; but they remain the Bride of Christ. In this message, Dr. John explores the levels of doctrinal agreement within and between churches. Discover the categories of truth we hold with a clenched fist, a guarded hand or an open hand.

The Local Church

The importance of the local church is evident in the New Testament. The New Testament books were addressed to churches or leaders of local congregations. Today, Dr. John reminds us that the local church is God’s pillar for truth and the Body of Jesus on earth. God does not consider the Church to be optional.

Of Denominations and Organizations

Organized religion is better than unorganized religion. That is not to justify all the ways and means of organized faith, but to simply recognize that to do anything requires a level of co-ordination. Today, Dr. John speaks of denominations and the New Testament teaching on church governance. God is not the author of chaos, so consider the means of organized mission we find in the New Testament.

The Grace of Preaching

The act of preaching doesn’t hold the same prominence it once held. It has been shadowed by abundant sources for our information and interest. But preaching remains unique in our technological age. In today’s message, Dr. John will demonstrate that preaching is a means of grace. It does more than inform or stir us. Preaching is a path granted by God for the growth of our souls.

The Grace of Worship

Worship is an expression of God’s worth. It is our echo to God for the grace we’ve received. Worship not only reflects His grace, but it ushers grace to us as well. Today Dr. John speaks of elements essential to worship. These are fundemental to our worship in spirit and in truth.

The Grace of Fellowship

The idea of church fellowship has been reduced to potlucks and foyer greetings. But Biblical fellowship is more than friendliness. Today Dr. John speaks of the grace extended in the church through fellowship. He highlights the qualities of fellowship that every congregation needs. While grateful for tea and cookies, Biblical fellowship feeds our souls.

More Means of Grace

If the grace of God came in a box and was available for purchase on store shelves, the shelves would need to be re-stocked continually. We need grace. We want grace. Today Dr. John reminds us that the church is a place of grace. He highlights the means of grace through multiple expressions of the local church. A local church is a storehouse of God’s grace, open and available to all who seek Jesus.


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