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The Beginning of Jesus' Passion

Passion” is defined as a compelling emotion or feeling. The word fits a wide range of experiences, from our favourite sports team, a hobby, a cause that captures us and of course our love. “Passion” applies to Jesus in His suffering and death. In this four week series, Dr. John traces through Matthew the experience of Jesus heading to the cross. Listen for the compelling emotion that led Jesus step by step. It wasn’t fear, but love and joy that moved Him.

The Beginning of Jesus’ Passion

The passion of Jesus refers to the intense emotional experience of suffering He endured for us. Matthew traces that experience as he recounts the final week of Jesus earthly life in chapters 21-25 of his Gospel. Listen as Dr. John introduces that week to us, For our King, the Kingdom was foremost in His mind.

The Triumph of Gentleness and Peace

When you imagine the entrance of a great wariorr, you might picture him in a chariot or riding a stallion. What we wouldn’t do is imagine him on a pony. A pony doesn’t communicate the power and majesty we expect. But that is what Jesus did. He purposely rides into Jerusalem on a foal. Listen as Dr. john shows Jesus purposely fulfilling Old Testament prophecy. Jesus was declaring Himself publically to be the Messiah. At the time of Passover, to the crowds of the city, Jesus shows who he is.

Jesus and the Temple

There are places thought to be too holy to demolish. For the Jews, the Jerusalem temple was such a place. But Jesus demonstrated otherwise. Listen as Dr. John shows Jesus claiming the temple as His House of prayer and chasing the corruption out. But this was not merely a cleansing. Matthew writes of Jesus cursing the fig tree, a prophetic voice speaking of God’s judgement upon the temple.

The King Demands Repentance

Jesus has caused a stir in Jeruslem. He entered the city as messiah and the crowds praised Him. He threw over tables I the temple and cast our buyers and sellers. Now He is afronted with a signifcant question, “What gives you the authority to do these things?” In this message Dtr. John addresses the authroity of Jesus. He has the rights to rule and to command us to repent.

The Cornerstone and His People

A corner stone is the marker which sets the rest of the building aright. Everything is alinged to the cornerstone. In this message of Dr. John, we hear Jesus speak a parable which describes the rejection of Jesus as God’s Son. But Jesus is the One against whom all things are measured. While he is the Rock which is rejected, he is also the Stone by which we are judged.

The Marriage Feast of the King’s Son

Have you ever received a wedding invitation and thought, “Do I have to go?” But if the invitation came from royalty for a party of the year, you might think differently. Dr. John teaches on Jesus’ parable of the final wedding banquet. Many reject the invitation, but that doesn’t extinguish the generosity of the King. The invite is extended to everyone found in the streets. Listen to this message and consider God’s great grace and your own response to the King.

What Kind of Messiah?

What is the relationship of Christians to the state? That is not a theoretical question. We face the implications of it in our day. It was the same in Jesus’ time. In today’s message, Dr. John uses Christ, Ceaser and a coin to demonstrate the response of faith in culture. We will find that the allegiance of faith is to Jesus and the expression of that faith honours the state.

Life After Death

What happens when we die? You have wondered about it and talked about it. Our imaginations try to satisfy our curiousity. While God doesn’t answer every one of our questions, there is enough to give hope and goosebumps. Today, Dr. John teaches on Jesus correcting misconceptions about the afterlife. We will find that there is a continuation of this life and the next. There are changes between this life and the next. God’s power and wonder continue from this life into the next.

The Greatest Commandment

There are 613 commands in the Law of Moses. Trying to obey each one daily could become overwhelming. So we understand why a lawyer would ask Jesus, “What is the greatest command?” Listen as Dr. John teaches on the Greatest Commandment. We will find that reducing the commands down to a primary expectation doesn’t eliminate all the others. In fact, knowing the primacy of love informs and guides our obedience in all that God has said.


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