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The Adventure of Prayer

Prayer. What is it? Why is it important? How should we actually pray? Does prayer even accomplish anything?

These are four questions that Dr. John Neufeld will answer in this one-week series called The Adventure of Prayer. How we communicate with God is a multifaceted and layered thing that can be difficult to explain, and often difficult to practice daily. If you are someone who feels as though you don’t pray enough, then listen closely to these messages, there is so much wisdom and biblical insight that can be learned from Dr. Neufeld! If you are someone who has devoted themselves to a life filled with prayer, this series is also for you! There can never be too much emphasis put on prayer – it’s a direct line of contact with our Saviour! 


Prayer is simple enough for a child to learn, yet so profound that it holds mystery for the mature. Today Dr. John begins to teach on the nature of prayer – its necessity, effect and means. Everyone who prays and who wants to pray will benefit from this teaching.

How Is Prayer Possible?

A well-known commercial for cell phones repeats the line, “Can you hear me now?” It is also echoed by believers when they address the throne of God. How can we be certain God is listening to our prayers? Dr. John teaches on the confidence for every praying believer. Our hope is not in our worthy life or eloquent words. We are heard because of Jesus Christ.

The Nature of Christian Praying

When you pray, who are you talking to? The obvious answer is God of course! But there is a theological framework at play in our prayers. Dr. John teaches today that our prayers are rightly addressed to the Father by the agency of the Son through the enablement of the Spirit. So, as our prayers are heard and answered, there is a Trinitarian response from God. All of God to all of us.

Prayer & the Will of God

If prayer is a communication of heart, then the question of “will” becomes important. We want something when we pray; but we pray to our Father of infinite wisdom, and His will steers the course of history. Today Dr. John speaks of the interplay of “will” when we pray. Clearly, we do not receive everything we want – unless what we want is God’s will.

The Elements of Prayer

Prayer is a means of grace. We find the favour and blessings of God not simply in the answers to our prayer, but in our praying. Today, Dr. John offers some practical insights to support and guide our personal, private times of prayer. These are places of grace.


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