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Daniel: Singing the Lord's Song in a Strange Land

A 15-episode series on Daniel 1-6,  intended to teach Christians how to not only survive, but live with confidence in a non-Christian culture.  Daniel teaches us that God is not just Lord over our churches or where Christians gather, but that he rules over all things.  Evidence of this is found in every area of life and culture.

Our God Saves

By Dr. John Neufeld / October 27, 2017

Our God is not a theological system or merely a matter of personal belief, we have a God who intervenes in the affairs of men. It means that it is possible for God to send His angels and shut lions mouths.

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Standing Alone

By Dr. John Neufeld / October 26, 2017

Daniel 6 introduces us to the well-known story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den. Daniel we are told was a man who was willing to stand alone. His choice to remain faithful to his God meant that he had no one standing with him. For all of you who have ever stood alone because of your commitment to Christ, this text is of great comfort and of encouragement.

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Lessons From the Damned

By Dr. John Neufeld / October 25, 2017

The damned are ready to brush others aside without acknowledging what role they have been called to play by God. They are self-focused.

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When the Writing is on the Wall

By Dr. John Neufeld / October 24, 2017

I ask you, will Canada exhaust the patience of God? Perhaps. I do know at what point in time God begins to right on the wall but that event comes to anyone and even to nations that will not repent. So we exhaust the patience of God when we no longer listen to his Word or his people.

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Power & Humility

By Dr. John Neufeld / October 23, 2017

Daniel’s words of counsel are for every king, every president, and every prime minister and every human being who has been given power. Use your power to bless the poor and the oppressed and the needy.

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God Opposes the Proud

By Dr. John Neufeld / October 20, 2017

If you have accomplished anything in this life it is only because the one who lives forever and ever had willed it. The best way to avoid humiliation is to humble ourselves.

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And if Not

By Dr. John Neufeld / October 19, 2017

And there is the phrase the British papers used but if not or and if not. Regardless of how God decides to treat our situation whether it be miraculous deliverance or terrible suffering for us our gate is set. We are the people of God and would rather die as such than to be delivered from our present troubles and compromise our faith.

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Refusing Compromise

By Dr. John Neufeld / October 18, 2017

At some point in time every believer who names the name of Christ will have to say,“Your loving kindness is better than life.”

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The Triumph of the Kingdom of God

By Dr. John Neufeld / October 17, 2017

Where is your ultimate loyalty? If it is not in Christ and in His Kingdom you are placing your hope on a statue that is soon to be smashed in pieces and whose remnants will blow away as chaff.

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Glory to God in All Things

By Dr. John Neufeld / October 16, 2017

To renounce all desire for fame and to say I would see the glory of God is wise and right and leads to life

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