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Reasons to Believe

The Gospel of John is one of the foundational books of the Bible and is the last of the eyewitness testimonies of the life of Jesus. In this study, we’ll learn that John writes this book in order to provide a new generation of believers a portrait of Christ that allows them to ask whether they have truly come to believe in Him. He wants to make sure, that the next generation of Christians have the same passionate faith as the generation who actually saw Jesus. A four-week study.

Abandoning our Sin

Jesus was not like the proverbial used car salesperson who tells you whatever you want to hear without dealing with the tough stuff. A genuine encounter is not afraid to deal with the truth of God even when it is hard to hear.


Jesus thought, at least in His day, that He was living in an incredible time when a great number of men and women were going to come into the kingdom of heaven. In spite of the fact that Jesus was brutally honest about the world’s evil, He saw a great many hungry people ready to enter the kingdom of heaven.

The Faith That Heals

Jesus is far more interested in why we want a miracle than in the actual miracle itself.

Do You Want to Be Healed?

The reason why someone might turn down the gospel is because they don’t believe it.

The Father and the Son

The Son never acts on His own but only acts in complete concert with and in submission to His Father.

Jesus and The Dead

But when Jesus speaks to the spiritually dead He spoke to people who had been until that moment, unresponsive to God.

Reasons to Believe

No one believes unless he or she is more concerned with pleasing God than pleasing man. All of us must come to terms with this.


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