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Reasons to Believe

The Gospel of John is one of the foundational books of the Bible and is the last of the eyewitness testimonies of the life of Jesus. In this study, we’ll learn that John writes this book in order to provide a new generation of believers a portrait of Christ that allows them to ask whether they have truly come to believe in Him. He wants to make sure, that the next generation of Christians have the same passionate faith as the generation who actually saw Jesus. A four-week study.

Introduction to John

The book of John is a book that tells the story of the life of Christ. But it is a unique book. We’ll learn why in today’s message.

A Unique Portrait of Jesus

According to John’s recounting of Jesus, and the reaction He created in people, John wants us to know that there is believing and then there is really believing. We’ll talk more about that when we study that text in detail today.

Authentic Worship

Human beings will always worship. That’s because your heart was created to worship something or somebody that is greater than yourself. We are all driven to bow down and offer our lives to something greater than ourselves.

Worship and Faith

He didn’t come to make admirers. He never came to be a superstar or to seek popularity. He came to transform the human heart.

Born Again

When you are born again, or born from above or born of God you will overcome sin and you will be protected from Satan himself. This is indestructible life. It is indestructible because God has placed His life inside of you.

God’s Amazing Love

Today in our ongoing study of the life of Christ from the book of John, we are going to take a new look at God’s amazing love for the human race.

Whoever Believes

Whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. The idea here is that we are perishing until the moment we believe. The difference between perishing and obtaining eternal life comes to but one thing. It is about believing the gospel.

Reveling in Humility

How does any man or woman pray ‘Lord let there be less and less of me and more and more of you?’ I think the answer to that has everything to do with just how great you think you are and just how great you think Jesus is.

Living in Water

There are so many lessons to be learned from John chapter 4. But today I want us to see a portrait of Jesus. The one who reaches out to us in our alienation from God.


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